Digital Impressions

It is a computer-generated replica of teeth and tissues by using an optical  scanning device.  

How Does That Affect Me, the Patient?

Digital impressions eliminate the need for messy rubber-based impression materials and provide a more  comfortable experience for YOU!

Additional Benefits for Taking Digital Impressions:  

  •         Avoids the need for messy conventional rubber-based impression materials
  •         Improves quality, resulting in precision-fitting restorations
  •         Eco-friendly! Eliminates the need for disposable impression trays/materials
  •         Faster results! Digital impression files are transmitted instantly to the dental lab
  •         Precision! Digital scans can be magnified, evaluated and corrected immediately   


Dr. Rios rebuilt some bone in the front of my mouth so that a failed cantilever bridge could be replaced with an implant and a crown. I really appreciated the time he took to explain the process, each step of the way. The front office was kind and helpful, and the results are terrific. I highly recommend Dr. Rios for periodontal work.


They did a good job of making an unpleasant procedure as easy as possible

Kyle B

Very thorough and understanding. Your teeth will be completely cleaned and cleaned gently

Jerry V

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