3D Scanner

3D Scanners are changing the face of routine dental appointments. The 3D Scanner gives the patient a unique view of each tooth - enabling them to understand diagnoses and make informed treatment decisions.

The 3D Scanner is connected to a computing unit at the side of the dental chair. A pen-sized wand is inserted into the mouth to retrieve the images and they can be magnified to allow every aspect of the teeth to be viewed in full color. The 3D Scanner is an incredibly valuable tool, which brings dentistry to life.

How will the 3D Scanner be used?

The 3D Scanner is the size and shape of a wand. It is covered with a disposable sheath, to ensure that no germs are transmitted from patient-to-patient. The slim wand is inserted into the mouth and rotated until clear pictures of every tooth can be recorded. The images are transmitted onto a screen and a digital 3-dimensional representation is created, which can be rotated around and viewed at any angle. One of the biggest advantages of the 3D Scanner is that it does not expose patients to radiation. The 3D Scanner is one of the most useful and versatile diagnostic tools available.


Dr. Rios rebuilt some bone in the front of my mouth so that a failed cantilever bridge could be replaced with an implant and a crown. I really appreciated the time he took to explain the process, each step of the way. The front office was kind and helpful, and the results are terrific. I highly recommend Dr. Rios for periodontal work.


They did a good job of making an unpleasant procedure as easy as possible

Kyle B

Very thorough and understanding. Your teeth will be completely cleaned and cleaned gently

Jerry V

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